3 Occasions that Call for a White Dress

3 Occasions that Call for a White Dress

There are many special occasions where as a young woman you will want to shop for white dresses. Whether the dress is plain or fancy, short or long, tradition holds that white is the color of preference. 




When one thinks of a wedding dress today, the color that comes to mind is white. This is said to be because Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress when she was wed to Prince Albert in 1840.Before this time, brides wore many different colors, from red and blue to yellow and black. The fact that it was so rare for a bride to wear white sparked the interest of individuals on the European and the American continents. Many were intrigued with the idea of wearing a dress made entirely of white, since it did not hide dirt and stains as well as some colors, and laundry facilities were certainly not what they are today. The novelty of the white wedding dress meant that the bride to be had a wealthy enough family that they could afford to dress her all in white. This novelty soon became tradition in which white was said to represent innocence and purity.




The christening or baptizing of infants is another momentous occasion that calls for a white dress. As with wedding dresses, this has not always been the case. Before the 17th century, babies were wrapped in swaddling clothes and then in a large silk cloth that may have been trimmed with gold braids or lace. Sometime in the middle of the 18th century, the first Christening robes were used. These robes were worn by baby boys and baby girls. This early robe was held shut in front with ribbon ties. Following the robes, slip dresses made an appearance as the clothing of choice for this special occasion. Once again, both genders of babies wore these robes. The slip dress had a long flowing skirt, a low neck and short sleeves. White fabric was used for both the robe and the slip dress. Today, many christening robes are handed down from grandparents or parents as a part of the family history.




The quinceanera, or 15th birthday celebration of a young woman is celebrated in many Latin cultures.

During this celebration, it is typical for the young woman to wear a long white dress to symbolize her transformation from a child to a woman. This celebration is typically started off with a Mass ceremony during which the young woman may receive Holy Communion, and gives a bouquet of flowers to represent a gift to the Virgin Mary. After the church service, the young woman may present 15 candles to people whom she feels have positively influenced her life.


Other Occasions


There are many other occasions to which a girl, young woman or adult may choose to wear a white dress. This is because a white dress has several benefits that other colors may not have. One benefit of a white dress is that it is a perfect color to show off a suntan, making a female look healthy and beautiful. Another benefit of a white dress is that it may not feel as hot as dresses of darker colors. This may be important in situations where there is a lot of dancing required.


No matter what the occasion, shopping for the perfect white dress can be a fun and memorable experience. Do not let the absence of color throw you off – instead embrace the ways the color may benefit your beauty.